About ten+ years ago , we were newbies/freshmen admitted to the Lawschool and it being a Christian University , there was a policy of First years being residents and so we had to be in Halls of residence. They were named after the prominent Anglicans in the revival and ours was named after Simeon Nsibambi who is referred among the ‘God’s generals’ along with Festo Kivengyere and other dedicated men of God. Anthony , Chris and I were A-block. Chris’s room was next to mine so it’s barely the first week and noticed each other as we were entering our rooms from an overnight fellowship at Shakers .As weeks went by, Anthony and I had a conversation and we agreed that we should have done political science ,and that was the most naive thought that we harboured. I can safely say that the three of us loved the law or so we thought. Along with a one Waikoli we had a pseudo law firm for the research and legal writing. Anthony was the one that made me love moots. One time, he was the coordinator of ICRC Moots and I did go with him to Makerere University and I never turned back going ahead to represent the country in Washington DC.

Today was the reunion of the residents of A-block many years ago. The two are advocates and have a very tight schedule but decided to kill/free the afternoon just to check on me. If I were to quantify the hours in terms of billables, that would be a huge bill. As usual they found me a small book;Blues ain’t nothing but a good soul feeling bad- Sheldon Kopp. Anthony said I never change because even in school , I was reading. Chris noted that I have banned books which can not be accessed in book stores. The most important take away I guess is that readers are leaders. I had a good time with the two coming over. Life would be hard if not for the supportive and kind comrades .

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