Whispers of Mortality

I relate with this writing by Tikia, Tikia is a friend from the Afrobloggers community and often times,I do send her voicenotes to find out how she is doing but most importantly, how Eren is doing. Even with the impaired speech, it’s one word that I am trying to say well, and she gets to hear it so I can safely write that those two, are my people. She had communicated to me about the operation but the tone was easy and it sounded like,’hey I am going for a procedure but I’ll be through and I will be okay’ . Some thoughts ofcourse triggered in, What if the procedure goes south? What happens to the young Eren? Unlike Tikia I wasn’t thinking about legacy but now it makes sense.

Mortality has whispered to me twice, the first time, I had to feed through a tube. I’m now a high morbidity case. Morbidity is any condition that isn’t healthy. It can refer to mental or physical illness. I have reflected on death because we all shall sleep. As a matter of fact, I fear dying but not death, I want that slow sleep not the violent kind of swoop where Hades will have his day. Death should sober us up as humans,we come with nothing on earth,why should we go with anything. Your first birth, someone probably bathed you and your last birth, someone probably will bathe you, so why the anger,why the hate? A story is told of Alexander the great and his three wishes before death, whereas that story is disputed, there’s a takeaway.

I have never feared death and as the old man, coined YODO(You only Die Once) to replace YOLO(You only live once).

With such a mindset, I am trying to leave footsteps on the sands of Mother Africa. I know with certainty that mortality will one day call,I want those that know me to know that my duty has come to an end and make an impact on people’s lives, that is the legacy I wish to leave. Do I love life? Most definitely. I am however cognizant of the call of mortality. The only legacy that I don’t want to leave on earth is a Subaru outback.


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