While I’m waiting

There’s a song on my mind,’while I’m waiting’ by Travis Greene. The song was suggested by Aunt Kay as Tim calls her. Every Wednesday,Tim organizes an online fellowship twice a month . One of the writings we were reflecting on,was Tim’s Hope against Hope. For starters,I have been down with an illness for 4 years.I suffered a stroke and I have been hoping against hope. Hope is a good thing perhaps the best of things and no good thing dies. The stroke affected my movement and speech. It happened at a time when we were not prepared financially. No illness checks in your bank account and says,”daamn, the account is fat, let me drop by”. When you honor God, you are connected to a supply line that will never run dry. You’re not at the mercy of the economy or who likes you or what your boss does. God has all kinds of resources He can use.

I describe myself as one who was saved by the Lord’s grace.I wrap my fingers around James 5:16,confess, pray and he will heal me. Psalms 121 says that our help comes from the lord, does the Lord throw money like quails? No,there are different kinds of resources he uses and in my case it was friends,they organized a fundraiser for my rehabilitation. They continue to stand with me as I write this.

Going back to Aunt Kay, she described herself as hope and literally, her name means so in the Luganda language. Kyensubira which is close to her name literally means that “I am hoping for something”. Hope is the waiting for something with certainty. I’m a prisoner of hope , chained to his love and bound up by faith. Romans 8:24 says that we are saved by hope. So it’s the belief in things that our eyes can’t see. In 2019 November,I suffered stroke related convulsions that left me unconscious for three days so being here is a miracle.In Sunday school, the BIBLE was defined as the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, indeed the scriptures tell us life and how its not going to be easy but reassures us that God will give us the strength to wade through. God’s ways are not man’s ofcourse I would want to walk and talk. That’s why I am still waiting upon the Lord for he will strengthen me, and my hope is in the one above. What my eyes can’t see,I will trust and believe in the report of the Lord. Tim does host bold, vulnerable and empowering conversations of writers where we talk about, This Walk of Life.

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  1. conniedia says:

    This is beautiful…look forward to attending these. Thank you for sharing your journey continually we thank God your here to tell the tale. May God be with you in it all.

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