The decision to divorce

Divorce is the dissolution or anulment of marriage by a court of law. Suffice to note, there are types of marriages recognized by the Ugandan law are,

Civil marriages- monogamous in nature and celebrated in the office of the Registrar General for residents of Kampala and in the offices of Chief Administrative Officers for the other 120 districts.
Moslem marriages – These are celebrated in accordance with the rites and observances of the Islamic faith.
Church marriages – They are monogamous in nature and celebrated in licensed churches in accordance with the rites of the Christian faith.
Customary marriages – They are potentially polygamous and are celebrated in accordance with the customs of an African community.
Hindu marriages – These are celebrated in accordance with the rites and observances of the Hindu faith. Divorce simply is when the marriage fails to work out and the aggrieved party goes to court seeking a dissolution and for purposes of this write up, I will stick to the grounds for divorce which are;cruelty, adultery or desertion without reasonable excuse for two years.

The earliest known divorce laws were written on clay tablets in ancient Mesopotamia around 2000 BCE. Formally or informally, human societies across place and time have made rules to bind and dissolve couples. It’s imperative to note that divorce is not a new thing to happen in humanity. Where there’s unity of humans, there definitely has to be dissolution.

Happily Divorced Social media has been awash with a picture of a lady celebrating her divorce

Nantongo Immaculate

It’s fair to know what was behind the cutting of the cake

Time Heals

I’m many things but moralist is not one of them. I’m an evidence based realist. I found her reasons mature and I am happy that they have chosen happiness which is key, nobody should stay in a toxic relationship. So when they disagree,why not part ways. The church is responsible for keeping alot of partners in toxic relationships because of their teaching against divorce, Partners stick in a marriage only to end up killing each other.

Irreconcilable differences This is when you cannot manage to stay with your partner to make the marriage work. An example that comes to mind is when the lion of Qunu was filing for divorce from Winnie

There comes a time when you are fed up

Humans by their nature are regulated by law and we should be alive to reality. The church should do more of premarital counseling to strengthen marriages.No one should have to endure a toxic relationship when the law provides for a way out.



    Can I please print out these articles and keep them for future reading? The writing is too neat.

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