August Rush; Whiskey Lullaby

Angel Michael is said to be the one in charge of music, Lucifer (Fallen angel) is said to have been expelled from heaven. The angels sing beautifully but have you ever wondered if they sing lullabies and do we sleep? The couple was hypnotized and off they slept.

Have you ever tried to drink the pain/frustration away? Does the pain get away? There is something about alcohol,it leads you nowhere. My favorite Ugandan Artist, Paulo Kafeero sums it up in Dipo Nazzigala.He says alcohol is the path into which the devil calls us to run amok. A serviceman had been on tour abroad and he returned only to find his wife with another man singing songs while in estacy. The serviceman was shocked,he went to drown away his sorrows and ended up taking his life,”he held a bottle to his head and pulled the trigger”, beside him was a note that read,’I will love her till I die’

Rumors flew and she tried to hide the fact but the guilt was too much that she ended up taking her life too. He/she put the bottle to his/her head and pulled the trigger. We found him/her lying next to the pillow…. And the angels sang a whiskey lullaby la la la lullaby

Brad Paisley and Allison Kruz deliver a sad story in a conversational tone broken down in stanzas. Whereas you can’t drink your pain away, you can atleast try to drink the memories away. The serviceman was broken, what was the meaning of the vows? He would call at home and the wife would tell him that he was the only one while she had replaced him with a son of a gun. The great thing is that he wasn’t armed because he would have wasted the two. One scene in ‘Shawshank Redemption’,Dufrein caught the wife cheating,he wasted all of them (it turned out that he was framed) Later in a Conversation with Red at the Shawshank, Dufrein blamed himself for the murder reasoning that he pushed her away to cheat. In any marriage, trust is key and when a wife brings a rascal to the marital bed, that is too much.

Steve King is the greatest story teller

The greatest lesson I learned from the song is that when you commit yourself in marriage, please do keep the vows. Never think that you can drink the pain away because it may lead to addiction and suddenly the angels will sing a whiskey lullaby and you will sleep.

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  1. Onyinye Udeh says:

    Thank you, dear Mwene.
    Great points raised here!

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