The day Jackson WhatsApped me. #Draftsrelease

So it’s 2014, you have opened up a blog but are a lazy writer in every sense,then an affable friend (gyza person) there’s something about the old man and Gyza persons but that’s not for today introduces you to a fine writer /blogger. Bikozulu describes himself as an introvert which is why you will never see his photo. I like to think that he is a private person and we should let him be. One time in an interview,he said that he met a 72 year old man who said,”So you are the writer? My grandfather enjoys reading your posts”.Biko does interviews and is amazing. So it is 2014, a good friend ( gyza person) tells me to read the post
and I fall in love with the mastery with which he writes and I subscribe, and every Wednesday, I would refresh my email just to wait for his latest post and there was a craze to be the first to comment, yes that is how crazy the followers can be.

So in January 2016, he comes for an event in Kampala and we have a great time as he tells us the magic of story telling and much more. The event was at Naalya and I felt like I had reached, I mean this is rubbing shoulders with the writing guru.

Whereas Biko describes himself as an introvert, his writing personality is rather open. We now know about Tamms and family. So the event ended and as usual bought a few books because Reading is Liberating and the day was done, I ran to my journal entry (Facebook and told the world).

In Perfect health, I used to buy a book a month and would review them. I have a healthy respect for books that I think it’s a crime against bookanity to fail to return a book you just borrowed. So there is a WhatsApp group I was part of emerging writers and avid readers and that group had Ugandan and Kenyan folks. The group had amazing writers like Magunga and Patricia Kahill so perhaps, I was the only joker in the group lacing the conversations with humor and keeping the group moving.

So at the event, pictures were taken and were later shared on the Facebook page.I downloaded them and naively shared them on the platform, that was sacrilege. Now I know more about Image rights and privacy. Word got to him that a lesser mortal had shared his photos and next I see is a message from +254 and I am thinking it’s a Kenyan friend, He was polite and so was my response. He wanted to know how I had gotten the photos and I told him and judging from the reply, we were good to go. So that is how Biko whatsapped a lesser mortal Mwene, I might be one of the few people with his photo but I know better now,he must be 6’3.

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