The Abyssinian chronicles

I want to assume that there’s an evolutionary advantage to having a brain which keenly remembers the bourbon-soaked magic carpet ride, but not its puke-on-the shoes, please help me God aftermath. The same holds for romantic relationships. The dreamy, eye-gazing moment of transcendent intimacy is recalled with perfect clarity, while the sleepless nights on a bed after the quarrel is but a dim memory, my theory for this mental preference is that the brain is wired to push the organism toward pleasure away from pain. Its actually designed to cherish the good and discard the bad. The irony is that I got a brain attack four years ago, so I am not supposed to remember with clarity any events but just like we say that the heart wants what it wants, today the brain remembers what it wants. So it’s 2013, I am in my final year and we have an international competition of universities and colleges and the field is international law. We were in the same grouping with a university from France, China, Guatemala and most importantly, the University of Addis Ababa.The practice is that you are always given a written brief before you go for the oral arguments.

With the awesome Abyssinians.

I have always had a healthy attraction for beautiful and intelligent ladies and I have no apologies for the positive discrimination. I have been accused by some friends of having an autobiographical memory. Hyperthymesia or Highly Superior autobiographical memory describes people with a formidable ability to accurately recall past experiences and the associated details. When something happened, who was there, what they were wearing, and so on. So it’s our last match and the room is Chesapeake at the Hilton Hotel, this is on the same street that leads to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (the White House). From the time they walked into the room, I knew that I would spend time writing something as beautiful as them. There is nothing as attractive as a lady who reads and bibliophiles they were.

At the Capitol Hilton Hotel.

We went out to the coffee bars and these amazing people could hold beautiful conversations. That’s what I live for, beautiful conversations with beautiful people.I can’t say the same of the writer, what I know with certainty is that the challenge is done and I have to go. Its day 12 of the lockdown for Uganda.


  1. wanamworld says:

    The challenge is done and you have to go.

    I am always awed by the calm and normalness of the end! It always looks like any other day after a long battle.

    1. yongyera says:

      Hehehehe aren’t we supposed to be calm.

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