WABC Culture and Fashion #3 FGM and cultural anthropology

Dear Benjamin,I had technically finished the entries for the week and decided to read more thus this write up. I have always believed in understanding of social variations from an anthropological point of view, do I support it? ABSOLUTELY NOT but we must examine and understand why?

Some Societies believe in the male domination of the female body by the male and they think that the practice should be encouraged, now sad as it may seem, I have always believed in understanding cultural variations before I critcise. I have actually written to you about bride price and now FGM, not because I believe in them but believe in understanding a variation culturally. There are many females that think that the BDSM type of sex is good because it has male domination and some Macho element so they would rather be chained and whipped for corpulation to make sense. Do you know that some Societies believe that if a man doesn’t beat a wife in marriage, there is no love from the husband?

As a bookie, I read a book that was giving the theological perspective on FGM . The title may be brazen but it drives the point home,a woman’s body is not a piece of meat to cut,in Neuroscience speak, the clitoris is connected to 20000 nerve endings whereas a man’s penis is connected to 2000 nerve endings so that is the significance . the good reverand discusses the dignity of the human body.

Did you know that the most enlightened/educated people still believe and practice FGM? In 2013, I was surprised to hear about Ethiopians living in Europe who always fly back with their daughters back home to carry out FGM!. You would expect these barbaric practices to be done by uneducated people but far from it, culture is Supreme.

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  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    In Egypt, it’s done by trained medical doctors

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