Love in Kung Flu.

So we are in uncertain times, our civilization is changing and we have to adapt. So Ayebare is in the neighborhood and she says,why don’t I surprise the old man and check on him, she comes but I am still away and have not yet come from the rehabilitation. She waits, now here’s my take, good friends may come to see me in their free time but awesome friends free time to come over to see me. Now about coming, it’s purely Empathy and love not sympathy. They want to identify with me and know how Iam holding on and perhaps walk in my shoes and tell me, you will make it. These friends don’t come because they are going to stand with me in the journey that I am undertaking. I did ask her about people that she knows that I know,I asked about December and Reen and yes she heard me, so that was a plus on my side. You see when you have had impaired speech and you can utter out words and they are heard, that is like winning an Olympic sport medal. To know about Ayebare, I have previously written about her she is my muse and has inspired some of my writings so I can safely say that she is my personal person.

Due to the uncertain times, we were masked on but I dare say that despite masking on, you are still beyond cute I repeat beyond cute.


  1. Samuel Casa says:

    I can feel the magnitude of the issue. Perhaps no one can walk your path now

    1. yongyera says:

      It’s a hard road but we keep on keeping on

      1. Samuel Casa says:


  2. Ayebare says:

    My oldman you are so kind with your words,you are loved.

    1. yongyera says:

      Love lifts us up at our lowest

  3. Yuri says:

    I don’t know what you think about this but isn’t using the term “kung flu” instead of COVID19 racism against Asians. I read an article a while ago saying why it’s not okay to call COVID19, the Kung flu, or the Chinese virus. The assumption is that calling it the kung flu or calling anything of that sort creates xenophobia for people who look Asian. As you can see in the news, there’s a lot of Asian hate and even hate crimes happening especially in the west. In my opinion, I feel it’s really unnecessary to normalize something such as this. It literally takes no effort to call it by its real name.

    These are some resources I found:

    1. yongyera says:

      Most obliged,Yuri ofcourse I am guilty of politicizing the pandemic but I will later show you why.

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