Khaleesi the Third

Dear Porthos,

I can safely write that last week was your birthday and yes I know the date just like I know May for Arthos, you see we are the trio or the The Three Musketeers and we are certified bibliophiles. In perfect health,we would meet up at Endiiro or another location and exchange books because to us, reading is liberating.

Somehow the two of you conspired to name me Aramis and did I have an option, I had to grudgingly accept. One thing that I love about the trio is our love for details, we are people who can discuss everything that has been written about in a book.

Our history stems from our childhood basically you were the stars and I would luck in as the shadow but I think that’s where we created a mutual respect for each other. Now if there is one thing I have failed to acclimatize myself with, it’s the Game of Thrones, you can say that I am an old man and my best all time movie is the 1942 Cassablanca which is black and white classic it is.

When the illness happened I remember you two coming to see me and encouraging me to fight on and indeed I have.Last year towards my birthday, I had the two of you in mind but the day was actually bigger than anticipated and when it came to cutting the cake, I specifically requested that you come and join me because we go wayback but have stayed close. I believe it is the Lord’s plan but I celebrate you khaleesi. Happy Belated birthday Regards, Aramis

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