My Saloon tales

Now when the Chinese flu spread its wings there was a total lockdown which closed the saloons as well,it was tricky given the love for grooming and keeping in shape we were almost looking like apes. Ladies are special people, somehow they know how to treat their hair or keep it in shape .

During the lockdown, I am Ugandan but Kenyan by love.That is why I don the maasai wrist band

In perfect health, I loved keeping in shape and here ismy Saloon tale back then

Oh Methylated spirit stang that shit stang so bad that you would feel it in your own eyes. You closed your eyes, bit your lower lip that your mouth hurt more than your scalp. Then there was the affable lady supposed to wash your head after the shave. She was supposed to give you a little rub to open up your neck muscles, a token that you should go back next time. You would betaken to this slanted chair where you were made to to lie back with your head over a sink. She squeezed liquid soap on your head. Meeen that was must’ve been secreted from a witch’s tits. Running warm water rinsed the cold away. She stooped over you as she scrubs your hair. She leaned abit too close(ahem) She took you back to shaving chair, squeezed oil on her palms and started to rub your head, she had the softest hands, you admitted. Her hands were the kind of tender that can only be best enjoyed with eyes closed. Those heavenly hands that kneaded your neck muscles, slowly at first like a tease , before going down on your shoulders..and she was done. I miss the saloon.


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