If elections changed anything,they would abolish them

The above quote is attributed to Emma Goldman although some people attribute it to Mark Twain. Basically it shows how fraudulent elections are and why they are not needed,58 years after independence, elections are yet to change anything especially for the presidency, The Supreme court has on several occasions pointed out the irregularities in the election period characterized by violence, intimidation and loss of lives.In Uganda quoting a legal scholar, elections are a ritual just that one hour they give to prisoners to get outside their cells for the sunshine and fresh air after which the prisoners return to their cells for confinement, so in essence the right to vote is the greatest illusion that ugandans have. A while ago,four time Presidential candidate bowed out of the ritual he gave reasons and one can understand the fatigue .

I dare say that perhaps a citizen sponsored dialogue is what is needed but with someone at the helm whose name literally means,he that is not advisable tells it all. A while ago I watched one of the presidential candidates in an interview and something struck me, perhaps we believe that there can’t be change and transition, the only peaceful transition has been from Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni since legally, those are two different people.

The greatest thing that can happen to Uganda is mindset change to prepare people for a Post Museveni Uganda and it’s possible,in the mid seventies, Ugandans thought that God was asleep and had resigned to fate Believing that Amin is forever the life president of Uganda so history teaches us that whereas there is a Museveni fatigue,all we need are efforts to make a transition to another leader, we don’t need to resign to fate and God is not sleeping like in the seventies. God bless Uganda

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  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    I’m sure preparing my mind for a change in Uganda today, because, like you said, God’s not asleep. 🇺🇬✊

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