Dear Ted all will be well.

Now there’s this Muse of mine,one who still chooses music for the old man .At the time I fell ill,we had been in contact basically discussing music and the Law she sent me a long message after learning of my illness and I shall reproduce it.

Hey there buddy..

I was so saddened by the news of your health. But I took my emotional devastation to prayer and I trust that you are going to be well soon. I am just super sad I cannot physically visit you. But you always hold a special slot in my prayers and heart.
I tried your phone several times after we spoke on my return, I needed to schedule that coffee so we could ‘gossip’ about UP and SA but it never went through neither did my whatsapps, I had no idea why until I left again and saw the social media frenzy last week.

Anyhow, you always inspired me to soar far and reach greater heights. All those long discussions we had on the phone concerning future goals, aspirations and ambitions. Those ain’t gonna live themselves; I trust that you are going to win this battle like many others you have won and we are going to live those dreams!

You are my music gang, you have always been and you know that. I wish I could make you a play list but I hope you still have all those songs we could never get over. I hope you listen to them anytime, whenever and I hope they not only light your heart and make you smile but also give you hope and strength. Remember all that communiqué we had using music titles and artists….
One day we are going to sit over that coffee we were meant to have and laugh about so many things just like old times….Hopefully this will be in one of those coffee shops on 64th street in Budapest as we listen to our favorite ballad ‘Budapest by George Ezra’.
I love you buddy and you must get well soon for our dreams, for our music, for our coffee evenings, the long phone conversations and the timeless jokes you always tell me…..
I pray for nothing else but to see you well soonest… Get well soon With love from Addis…Ted .

These are the memoir kind of letters. In 2015, I was the National Administrator of the Jessup Moots and this involved getting the judges for the oral rounds,one of the judges , Dr. Busingye Kabumba informed me that very morning that his child had gotten an illness overnight and he was not able to make it and I had to think faster. I placed a call to Ted and she was more than willing to come and Judge. That is Sacrifice, where would I be without reliable people like Ted?

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