Beautiful conversation with a natural lady

Recently I resumed blogging, now there’s one person who always likes my posts, perhaps because she is into blogging as well so she receives a notification whenever I publish being the jonelle I know her first words were the opening paragraphs of a book she’s reading and it got me thinking about humanity, I was a student of Dambudzo Marechera of the house of hunger fame and used to cynically remark that I loved humanity more than humans, I have realised that I was wrong, friends have showed me what humanity entails.

Then the conversation began, I asked about the salon lady then the reply was, i went natural, I no longer go to the salon, my mind rushed to a song I love, ” natural woman “, by Aretha Franklin I love soul music so the Queen of soul cannot miss on my list. I recalled leopard advising Quinn Abenakyo to keep natural and the jokes he tells about wigs, Jonelle knows me she started with my favourite topic; books and I showed her my current read by Francis Fukuyama about political order and society, well then we talked career wand I shared my joke that career will never one day say it’s over.I haven’t heard such a beautiful conversation in a long time, Jonelle you are a natural lady and awesome too…ends….


  1. Jonelle says:

    Mwene, you never cease to amaze me. Today is indeed a better day.
    I thank you 😊

    1. yongyera says:

      Hehe a conversation begins

  2. Kuyang Logo says:

    Another amazing post Mwene…the conversation💓💕

  3. Sharone says:


    This is nice doole

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