Mayor of Casterbridge ;Taxi Tales

I have to assume that there’s an evolutionary advantage to having a brain which keenly remembers the bourbon-soaked magic carpet ride, but not its puke-on-the shoes, please help me God aftermath. The same holds for romantic relationships. The dreamy, eye-gazing moment of transcendent intimacy is recalled with perfect clarity, while the sleepless nights on a bed after the quarrel is but a dim memory, my theory for this mental preference is that the brain is wired to push the organism toward pleasure away from pain. Its actually designed to cherish the good and discard the bad. Today I talk about the story of Mwene in perfect health and his love for books. Reading to Mwene is like how someone loves taking tea, no one should pat him on the back, and neither should he seem elitist just because he reads. Yesterday was World Book Day and he remembered that he wished to be near books and do nothing but read, take coffee and take more coffee. This is the best reflection on reading in his opinion .

So he remembers a conversation that he once picked up with a random passenger many years ago in Perfect Health. There was one remaining seat in the Taxi as the conductor called for passengers, he took the seat and as a good Ugandan, he said hello to the neighbour and minded his own business. But this was not an ordinary neighbour, her fragrance must have been one of those French Diors, a kindle in her hands, wavy hair and yes a beautiful face. As he tweeted away, his eyes were drawn to the white light on the Kindle, it was a book she was reading and he couldn’t help but read Henchard and Elizabeth Jane sonewhere. He got excited, how could he begin a conversation with that person so he chipped in, “Hey is that Mayor of Castorbridge you are on, my eyes couldn’t help but ran around your kindle,that’s where they stopped!” She was kind enough to reply, “lol surely those must be large eyes, yes Iam actually on the last chapter” “Okay thats great lemme keep my spoiler reviews to myself” he said “No you can please carry on, I am reading it for the third time,” Thomas Hardy makes sorrow enjoyable in his masterpiece”
“I actually have the unabridged version Thomas is a great writer, if you want to know the beauty of Sorrow try his other works like ,”A pair of Blue Eyes” or ‘Under the Greenwood tree” she exclaimed and replied,” wow have to get them today and would you be willing to lend me your unabridged version I like archaic English”She then added, “I have a healthy respect for novels so don’t worry about dog ears and bookmarks”. Finally Mwene said, “okay I will give you the book but you have to give me one in return, That’s a fair deal”. The conductor rudely interrupted their conservation,”Ssebo, weleeza ezamwe” Statled,he didn’t blame the conductor for thinking the two of them were coming from the same place. A journey is shorter when you are having a beautiful conversation and it was time to alight at the stage and continue with the rat race and capitalism. So that is how Mwene makes friends , you have to be a reader and writer is an added bonus. The grind and rat race starts. Happy New Week

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