The Email

Probably today, you have sent a couple of electronic mails (e-mails) but did you know that Ray Tomlinson invented emails in 1971. Before his invention, electronic messages could be shared only on a very limited network. The @ sign is credited to him, “Not only was it a little-used symbol, but “it’s the only preposition on the keyboard.” he once said in an interview. For a couple decades thereafter, email was a novelty and until recently, it became widespread. Business alone accounts for 306 billion emails sent and received per day, as of 2020. (How much is actually read is another question.) Tomlinson was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2012.

Talking emails, I love communication by email in perfect health, most were work related and a few personal ones. I have always been a Social- Political commentator for Africa and if you have read my previous posts, you will realize that I have a bias when it comes to Zimbabwe because of my views, so back then, I had a good Zambian friend and we were Facebook friends, the kind of guarded person with their critique. She would not comment on a post I wrote but would wait for a week and then give her apt critique. This time she had had enough,I had been praising comrade Gabriel, now before I am misunderstood,I have written about Africa with Zim as a reflection of what Africa is. I think that Emerson is not any better but let’s get to the email. The challenge with outsiders doing commentary is that you give views from an uninformed point of view.

It read”Mwene you have been intellectually going astray a lot this year, putting me on overtime , intellectually reprimanding you!Any intellectually sane person who conceptualises through a prisma not polluted with partisanship will categorically say Mugabe’s AU chairmanship is a political circus!! All these intellectually bankrupt people endorsing this insanity are the clowns that are participating in this circus! Ironically, Mugabe is literally falling; Zimbabwe’s economy falling yet AU endorse and bestow this man with the duty of being a curator for Africa!! Comrade, the man is 92 years old!!Ironically, Mugabe’s longevity is now a liability for Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular! We the intellectually sane need to demystify the mythology surrounding this misconception by African leaders that they will attain martyrdom if they die in office.They are intellectually hallucinating, it’s our responsibility to intellectually crucify them.If we don’t history will judge us!!! It’s a matter of time.Time will tell.”

Time indeed has told, much as I was sympathetic with CDE Gabriel for economic disenfranchisement,I was toeing the line of a Useful Idiot. Now y’all can appreciate where I come from when I say that I love brainy people. Can a slay queen intellectually reprimand you? I live for brainy people. I have since learned to be careful with critique without first understanding the underlying factors.

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