WBC Day 9 Ours was once a country; the useful idiots.

Dear Shadray, I read your write up https://wp.me/p8uqVq-w6 and it got me thinking about the term useful idiots. In political lingua, this is a derogatory term for whoever engages in propaganda to defend bad leadership. We used to call them Twitter bots because they would respond to any claim at any time.

A nation like ours that is serious about transformation and improvement of quality of lives tends to derive it’s legitimacy from social services and the delivery of such. I will state that in perfect health I was working with a health rights advocacy organization and we did lobbying,in 2015, I appeared before the legal committee of the Parliament of Uganda to suggest that the right to health should be crystalized in the constitution and we made our case. This I believe would give us the legal backing to take government to court over maternal health issues.

Facebook is my journal entry so I record every event.

And actually government has been taken to court over the death of mothers while giving birth https://www.cehurd.org/publications/download-info/judgement-to-the-constitutional-petition-no-16-of-2011-maternal-health-case-decided-in-the-affirmative/ and court made declarations to the fact that maternal health should be given a vote in the national budget but given that our government is so special, that hasn’t been done and 15 mothers die daily due to labor complications. Now no mother should lose a life while giving a life. May 7th was a dark day, I lost a friend due to child birth https://yongyera.wordpress.com/2021/05/08/the-dark-mothers-day/ So Maternal Health has always been central in my advocacy. Infact I had secured a Masters in Sexual Reproductive Rights but life had other plans (the illness)

A government that is serious about maternal health should invest in the Staffing of Medical personal and availing Emergency Obstetric Services but we are in a Country where medical doctors on internship were planning a strike over non payment. We are a country that will give Fool Figure (emphasis mine) a brand new SUV as health center 4s are lacking a CT scan machine.

When it comes to Public administration,we are indeed special, we have 529 MPs who have to be facilitated by the taxpayer. In perfect health, I used to do political commentary both on radio and in print media.

The old man with Afande Enanga discussing the brutality of the Police.

I later made a commentary on the Police and media

When I appeared in a tabloid, for a good reason.

I have therefore come to a conclusion that the government does not care about issues like maternal health and a plethora of issues so I have become cynical and I will say that, Ours, was once a country.


  1. Shadray says:

    Wow. It’s really sad that there are people (like you) who have come along way trying to out this state to order but this state of ours is…. Something else when it comes to such agendas.

    1. yongyera says:

      Ours was once a country

      1. Shadray says:

        Now it turned to what?

  2. The Sparrow says:

    Lately it is everyone on their own and God for us all but one day, this madness will end. For God and my country

    1. justynlove says:

      One day like this… God will rescue us bu Raising better champions

  3. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji says:


  4. conniedia says:

    Oh wow this…. Indeed ours was once a country.

    You did what you could and are still at it..thank you

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