August Rush; The older I get.

So being the old man, I love country music and Alan Jackson ranks in my top list, ofcourse there’s Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Rogers, and the list is endless. I could review four of Alan Jackson’s songs but for now, I will behave and stick to one.The song on my mind is,’The older I get’.Alan was reflecting on growth and maturity and there are wonderful lyrics. “The older I get, the truer it is, it’s the people you love not the money and stuff that gets you rich” This is a great life lesson, our networks are our net worth. I have seen this first hand, friends fundraised for my rehabilitation and fundraised again for the hospital bills when I got seizures and was unconscious for three days. This ofcourse can be attributed to the fact that I perhaps,was a good human being . Another line goes, The older I get, the more I pray, I don’t know why maybe I got more to say. When growth comes, your circles reduce and you need to have a value system and that’s where prayers come. The older I get, the better Iam in knowing when to give or not give a damn. During growth, you gotta decide on your battles to fight and not get involved in anything. You can easily get hurt while trying to be the United Nations or Interpol. The older I get, the fewer friends I have but you don’t need alot when the ones you got have got your back.I was thinking a while ago, how many in your circles can avail you 5mUGX($1400) if you urgently needed it(, so you gotta treasure those that can have your back. Avoid Fairweather friends,those are the ones that stick with you when the weather is fine and you are good but when things get bad(weather changes),they dissapear. The good Lord blessed me with all weather friends and even in the tough times, they’re still here.

And if I found a fountain of youth, I wouldn’t drink. Funny how it feels like Iam living my best years now.

No one should tell you that growth is a trap. You set up the trap don’t fall in it. Life is the greatest teacher.

Growth is a good thing.

The older I get the more thankful I get for the life I have lived and the life I am living still. I have had bad days where I wasn’t sure about tomorrow but here I am still living and writing on.

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  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Here you are living, writing and inspiring on.

    I love Blake Shelton too! 🤩

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