Dear Uganda; We were angels. Letter from the abyss

By Milton Obote

I gather that upchi is no longer everywhere, I was called animal names but to understand Uganda; the nation we birthed, one needs to have a deeper understanding of propalangi ( I am avoiding ganda for a reason, my in-laws detest me that even when I slept in 2005, my body was not given the respect it deserves).

Thence I ask, what went wrong? I have been castigated by Mucheveni as the worst thing that happened to Uganda but has the current party done better? Most of the guys born in the period after 86 are told coordinated lies of how I was a devil and a bad man but the year 1980 is singled out. First of all, comrade Kawanga contested but was he put on preventive arrest. Were any of his party colors outlawed? Mucheveni is making us look like angels! Whatever his party said they were fighting, it is doing the same and fivefold; starting from the institutionalized state violence, to the torture of the opposition. One can’t go to the bush for losing a constituency seat.

I believed in mentorship and most of the good leaders now are upchi products from Livingstone Rugunda (Does he use that name nowadays?), Mutebile and others. We helped them not because they were from my region but because we believed that education is the greatest thing you can give to mankind. I now hear there is universal education, free indeed, and universal ignorance! You need to have a conversation on the future of the nation and yes I made terrible mistakes which you can learn from but all through, be better than me who you castigate. The elekchons are fair and free of voters.


  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    Wow this

  2. Samuel Casa says:

    Great read but never knew Rugunda had a Livingstone name😂😂

    1. yongyera says:

      We are agemates😂😂

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