Standing with me

Yesterday was a rare day, Silver stood by me,for the past six years , all the photos I have posted are when I am sitting in a chair or wheelchair and here is why , I don’t have the balance to stand.A stroke often causes weakness on one side of your body, which can make it difficult to balance. At worst, you may find it difficult to sit up safely, or you may have difficulty standing. You may be able to walk but find that you can’t lift your toes quickly enough to stop them catching on the ground when you step. That there is my issue, the feet touching the ground. Friends are relatives that we choose and Silver was one of the brightest students in our class and I have a theory that gold attracts gold but in our case , it was ironic because Silver chose me a lesser mortal to be his moot partner back in second year of law school and we were a dynamic duo. Silver was the first person to write a guest post on digital migration on my blog. Silver and I are writers only that my writing is less serious and mere storytelling. Yesterday is when I remembered that it was six years ago when he graduated with an LLM from the University of Pretoria and I made a Facebook post as soon as I had fallen ill. Life has to go on and I celebrate milestones of my dear friends. Silver and I were on a league of extraordinary gentlemen that competed in an event , 10 years ago and we would stop and stand to sip on warm Apple cider juice to mitigate on the weather

You can tell from the grammar that I was not fine.

Which friend asks you to escort him as he is heading out for an academic journey? In most cases , it is the immediate families that escort one to the airport but in this case , it was I to see him off. I still remember the misty morning eight years ago ,I saw Robert Kabushenga, then New Vision CEO and he was boarding a smaller plane .It must have been an inflight. Silver and I have stood together literally, my mind goes to our ondaba moment at Entebbe International Airport from Washington DC.

Silver and other friends led a fundraiser for my rehabilitation. I still recall him walking in the hospital talking to my caretaker and frantically he walked off and tried to make calls here and there to get the required funds. I remembered the brotherhood of Barrack Obama and Joe Biden.

One may wonder if Biden and Barry are friends, truth is that they are brothers, well they were senators then Barry chose Joe as his running mate. Joe’s son Beau got brain cancer and had to leave his job as the Attorney general, Joe was thinking of selling his house to cover the expenses and Barry found out,he took care of the expenses .This was Silver at work he has been supportive through it all and yesterday he did come but he found me at the rehabilitation training how to walk and I was standing up albeit with assistive devices and well I thought , why not take a photo standing with my brother from another mother and he indeed stood by and with me. Silver and I have always stood tall and we shall stand as always. This is just a small glitch and we are on our way to greatness. Happy Easter to you and be blessed .


  1. Joel Basoga says:

    This is a beautiful story to read. Your friendship is special. I hope you get well soon. My thoughts are with you.

  2. tcndangana says:

    Silver has become a brother rather than a friend

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