Faiza Fabs

Radio is life to some of us and D’mighty breakfast is the meal we need to break the fast while we were sleeping. No matter the side of bed that you woke up or the dreams that you had, a radio breakfast show will prepare you for the day . Whilst in the traffic jam while heading to work or drop off the kids, the car radio will always be by your side in the car. Ben Mwine,Chris Obore and Aisha Alibhai was such a trio with Aisha always interjecting with jokes to keep the show going,Ben was a Liverpool supporter (I bet he still is) and at the time Liverpool was grassing big time.

Away from that let me write about the amazing Salima Faiza aka Faiza Fabs. She is a Digital Influencer, certified foodie voice over artist and radio personality and is the co- presenter of D’mighty breakfast with Brian Mulondo on KFM. She is a brilliant and vocal person and that can be inferred from listening to her. So it’s one morning and she’s talking about how quarterbacks are chosen to play in a certain US team and these qualities include a GPA of 3.5 position in the family and others then a violent caller from Mbale calls saying that Faiza actually flunked and was at IUIU Mbale, being the calm Faiza, she plays along and the caller continues with his false tale. Faiza actually went to KIU and she was even paying her own tuition,yakola dda. So whoever was placing her in Mbale yalaba bubi.

The monday after seven things happened to manchester united was one of the best because Patrick the district governor comes in with a sports update and Brian who is a gunner had the right words for Faiza who is a United Supporter but not the noisy neighbors who might eventually take the league. I went to twitter and started the violence. You know how there’s that beef (it’s soon becoming minced meat) between United and Arsenal supporters

Faiza is an affable intelligent person she speaks with authority and has something to say about almost anything, either she has read about it or watched a documentary about it. She encourages listeners to read and to keep yearning for knowledge. Every comedian knows it is not very easy to come up with a joke, how does our government do that effortlessly on a daily basis? The government gives us daily fodder on D’mighty breakfast and Fabs and Brian have something to crack us up with. Faiza Fabs, Today is your day and I wrote something small small to celebrate you and wish you a happy birthday. Happy sweet seventeen I hope Uncle Bura has brought you the cupcakes(he did promise to get you) May life continue being kind to you. Happy Birthday and May United win the Europa league.

Note: Ba readers mbamanyi, Temusala word about this birthday Note, For avoidance of doubt, I am but an ardent listener of 933KFM

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