9 Years ago.

Facebook is illegal in Uganda,there was a quarrel (petty I must say) . Starting from then, there was an express order to the ISPs not to direct traffic to the site and Ugandans being Ugandans bypass the Firewalls and tunnel through the Very Possible Networks (VPN). A good friend who stays in Nairobi recently amused me,he woke up and turned Facebook on his phone and thought that he had no data until it dawned on him that he was back home. Infact as I write this, WordPress has been added to the blacklist and rarely will a link open up without the Very Possible Networks on.

This is my thirteenth year of having a Facebook account and I have written about the life lessons from having that account . I guess that makes me the old man of Facebook,we used to write that when you check the memories, you wonder where the insightful Mwene disappeared to. Nowadays it’s Tick Tock shrinking our brains with the not so amusing content. You will find that in Asia, the top influencers are professionals such as chefs, sports men but when it comes to our special subsistence nation, the story changes. I was a very good Facebooker and it explains my hiatus on WordPress because it was my micro blog and what made it better was the engagement by the readers in form of comments. About 9 years, there’s an update I wrote that I recently chanced upon. Here I was writing what was on my mind and I didn’t know that it would be relevant 9 years later.

Now reflecting on it, I think humanity has brought me this far because I am not special but the Lord strengthens me. I write because I want the reader to have a few takeaways but most importantly I want to debunk the much held belief that an ill person has nothing to offer to the world probably because of their infirmity. Life has no guarantees and we only have to be hopeful.

Life gave me content(the illness) and there is no reason I should not share my journey with people. I know not who can read and pick lessons if any.The struggle to walk has been a long one with setbacks and more regressions. You become a little child and luxuries like standing are not even thought about. I was walking using a clutch walker due to the body imperfections

The major issue has been muscle weakness around the feet.

One of the major goals with Physiotherapy in long term rehabilitation is for one to gain the lost independence and even the main goal is to use less assistive devices as one works towards none if possible back to walking alone and so far we are doing well. I now train with an auxiliary cruch meaning that I have graduated from the cruch walker. I’m pushing on day by day and this will be a footnote in my life story.

Unlike Liverpool FC, I will walk alone

Key to note is respecting the process however slow and annoying it gets. Que sera sera.


  1. “…most importantly I want to debunk the much held belief that an ill person has nothing to offer to the world probably because of their infirmity.”
    What a line! What an apt representation of society and reality!

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