The Big Ten

The first few years of a child’s life are characterized by remarkable learning and growing. Around age 10, the child begins to transition to the next phase of their journey toward adulthood. New ideas and conceptions begin to form. This is why the 10th birthday is a very important milestone: It marks the end of the childhood and a dawning of a more mature phase.

The other Tuesday(17th) happened to be Kirsten’s 10th birthday,for a little background read about my Letter to her last Birthday. It was planned that she cuts the cake on the last Saturday and in a phone conversation with the mom, she said,”by the way why don’t we steal you for a few hours and you come and be with us?”. Yes was the answer. I mean since life happened,I have not been had my waweru edition or being outdoors, the reason among others is that I have terrible motion sickness in fact the last time I had to feed through a feeding tube so that explains my reluctance to travel. I have become a Fyodor student on liking humanity more than humans,life has turned me into one. I mean, I am ever in the company of walls either reading a book or watching TV. When the Public was in a full lockdown,I was cynical because I have been in a full body lockdown ever since the Stroke. So the world was experiencing what I go through daily. I said yes to the idea of being ‘ stolen ‘ because I love Kirsten and would be excited being at her party.

Every morning, I look at Kirsten’s writing to get the mental strength to face the day. I show that writing to everyone who comes to visit me. It is a prized possession that I even framed it . I am like that kid that brings out the best toy to show the visitors

My version of Friendship is simple,you become family and I get to know your family which also becomes family. I met Clare(Mushie’s mum) in 2015. We loved humor and banter on Uganda’s politics. The meet was at Faze 2 restaurant. We have since been friends.

Clare is the friend who is the opposite of fair-weather,she is always there no matter the weather. From 2017,she and the team have been my best cheerleaders on my journey to recovery.

I almost forgot that I was writing about Mushie but was perhaps laying context

I named Mushie, Kekimuri because it is characteristic of her. I wasn’t wrong since the Mummy has a special attachment to flowers. Mushie is a great conversionalist. She will ask you what you had for breakfast and all the small details in the day and this helps me talk more to her and perfect the speech.

The day went fine and the little ones playing made it more lively. I obviously made a joke about Clare’s cup being a kikiga one

The day was full of happiness, coffee that my heart was full. I had attended my friend’s birthday. The one whose words and message keep me going on. Everytime I feel like giving up, I read Mushie’s words and I remember why I started. Giving up is not an option.Mushie, you represent the biggest support network of friends who have kept me going. Clare, I must have done something right to get your love,support and encouragement from the Coach and team.


  1. Amanda Twebaze-Nutritionist says:

    Mushie, Kekimuri, we love you oooo..God loves and moves among us through people. See the impact a 10year old can make for a better world. A world of healing and love! I am learning everyday that these little people are some of the best teachers on real life..

  2. Clare says:

    When you think you are having fun…yet you are actually the one that brought it! Your presence warmed our hearts 💕

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