2021 Love Reply.

Before you begin asking about the wedding, so Benjamin is playing with Twitter and it is determining his parents and guess who we are,I and Pollet are determined. Was this cyber snooping at work? If this was art, we are working towards imitation of the art.

Time reads our letters, so it’s January this year and I write to 2021. My Twitter wife,Ms Pollet comments that indeed 2021 is going to write me a love letter in reply.

So the long term objective of the rehabilitation is to walk and talk,as those are lost abilities and Physiotherapy, is the only way out.

Whereas I have hope and faith, the good book in James tells us that faith without action is dead. This is the reason I opted for long term rehabilitation, and it is paying off. So we practice ambulation (walking) and the body has some imperfections which we are trying to perfect with some assistive devices. One of them has been to get a crutch walker, this ensures that I am in an upright position and the back is strong then. To achieve this, ofcourse there are are a couple of exercises you do in order to get the desired results.

I posted a video on Facebook of myself making baby steps. It’s imperative to respect the process however long it takes.Valuing Progression no matter how small it is is now my thing. I celebrate small wins, the more reason I posted it on Facebook was because in February,2017, There was a crowd funding campaign and “Facebook Friends”came on board, some of these were cyber friends whom I had never met, the more reason I celebrate Friends.

Dreams are Random Eye Movements (REM).A while ago, I received a message from a friend about my recovery. Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions”.

One can perhaps say that perhaps, I was on his mind but there are people I sometimes dream about without them having been on my mind. So I posted a video of myself trying to walk with a walker on my WhatsApp status and Gelax(I call her Bola) saw it. She sent me a voicenote saying that a few days ago she had had a dream one afternoon in which she saw me, and I had recovered and had gone to Lagos,then, I said to her,”I came to Lagos to see you”. So days after the dream, she watches my status and she says,’ wait did I not have a dream?. What is certain is that the universe can’t conspire for one person with two people, miles apart to have a dream about my recovery. Folks, the dreams are going to become true.


  1. Samuel Casa says:

    Oh old man of the clan. May those old dreams come true. You deserve better in all this…..
    1 Peter 5:7 explains, “Leave all your worries with Him because he cares for you”.

    Nice read here. This is my love letter to you Mwene

  2. Tikia Joella says:

    Dreams are valid. The world awaits the manifestation of this miracle. God speed.

  3. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Yasss! Though it tarries, surely it would come to past!

    The dream was as clear as day. If only you know how my eyes water each time you post a video of your progress. 🥺🤩

    God is too faithful to fail. He will perfect what He’s begun. 🙏

  4. Aliza says:

    Oh, how I pray the dreams come true. We shall keep hope alive.

  5. They will. In 2015 I watched my mum do physiotherapy after a critical accident. She spent the best part of the year in bed as her back laid back akimbo watching the ceiling. For along time that’s all she could do. Then one day her doctor said its time for her to get up and try to stand and try to walk.. all she did that day is try to get up, I remember her first walking trial for along time all she did was just stand.. flash forward its 2021 she’s on her fit and if she choose to sprint she can…
    Now am not at all comparing you both but I witness her baby steps that am sure your familiar with and I just wanted to say you.will.get.there. and I love to see it, I will see it. I loveee you for your resilience and I talk to God about you.

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