Patriarchy is a shame

Partriachy is a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.

There are certain things which society accepts only when they’re done by men. When women do them, they are condemned. In many ways, our society is still rooted in a deeply chauvinistic labyrinth wherein the burden of morality is placed on women. A man can have multiple partners and it’s okay, because “men are like that”. But a woman with multiple partners is a “whore”. A man finds a lady cheating once and she’s condemned to eternal damnation. But when it’s the man caught cheating, there’s a silent expectation that she must endure it. It is so bad that as women, when they’re cheated on and disrespected by men, their own mothers tell them to bear it. With bold audacity, they say: “stay strong” It’s almost as if it is the duty of a woman to endure life, and the privilege of men to enjoy it.Things like women cannot lead have become crystalized because of Partriachy.

Away from the imagery painted with words, I was meaning to show how Partriachy is a shame. Let’s look at institutionalized partriachy and Rotary, Partriachy was so institutionalized as far as the Rotary membership.

Women are active participants in Rotary, serving their communities in increasing numbers and serving in leadership positions in Rotary. The 1989 Council on Legislation vote to admit women into Rotary clubs worldwide remains a watershed moment in the history of Rotary.

 “My fellow delegates, I would like to remind you that the world of 1989 is very different to the world of 1905. I sincerely believe that Rotary has to adapt itself to a changing world,” said Frank J. Devlyn, who would go on to become RI president in 2000-01

The ROLI chairperson, Ms Kirabo Sharone Nakimera and many more women in the Rotary leadership, is testament to the ever adapting and more inclusive strategy of getting women leadership on board which is a progressive sign from Rotary. Hence, we can say, what next. We have to demystify the myth of women leadership in Rotary and the District 9123 is making strides, shall we go back to 1905?, Never, History has many examples of dedicated, passionate women at the helm of leadership in Rotary is testament that indeed, Partriachy was and still is a shame.


  1. Clare says:

    The woman’s dutiful endurance and the man’s bestowed enjoyment…of life! Which life😡

  2. Tim says:

    Thank you for speaking it out, we must first understand that we are all human and that gender is not a measure of superiority

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