August Rush; Natural Woman

So what’s for August, I know that Bruce got plans and I am thinking why not rush to August by writing song reviews, I’m thinking that in this week alone leading to August, we could write reviews about the songs that mean alot to us and what we exactly like. This is just a suggestion so it’s possible that I will die in my own movie. There are seven solfas, well arranged,they are music to our ears literally, June kept us writing and why not an August Rush challenge and we keep writing, no pressure just jot down your song/album and let’s go.

One person who comes to my mind is Jonelle,in perfect health I used to meet up with Jonelle for Coffee and generally chat about work (legal profession), there is nothing that I treasure like a good conversationalist, and an avid reader and in Jonelle,I found one . The song is Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

Coffeeing with Jonelle

This song was released in 1967 and was a massive hit for “Aretha Franklin” the song was written by “Carole King” and Gerry Goffin played his part in writing this song,(I thought I should also give him a little mention). These are perfect examples of situations, very romantic, almost a moral statement. Gerry is writing about a girl who just might let a guy sleep with her and she wants to know, ‘is it just tonight or will you still love me tomorrow?’ Goffin could write a female lyric. If he could write the words to ‘Natural Woman,’ that’s a woman speaking. Gerry put those words into Carole’s mouth. He was a chemist before he was a full time lyricist. He is very intelligent and obviously emotional. Aretha can’t be outdone by anyone, save for another Queen Whitney Houston whose perfomance of the Song for Boby Brown in Brazil was eargasmic. Adele tried giving it a beautiful reindition. Celine Dion while appearing on Letterman Show slayed the song.(I can tolerate her singing this song with her histrionics when I realize that she isn’t a soul singer or a particularly soulful singer, but fundamentally a rock singer who became a major Pop diva. Understanding that, I can appreciate her work for what it is). She later redeemed herself at the Divas Live along with Aretha, Shania Twain, Mariah Carey and Carole. If you love soul music, this is definitely the song for you. Heavens bless Aretha. She still wows us today.

Jonelle came to visit me in 2019 and my question was whether she still goes to the salon,”I went natural, she said”and I guess I was happy as the old man. I say, being a Wednesday, she’s my WCW. Check out the song and remember to write a review with in the August Rush as August is rushing and who says that we can’t crush, after all, we serve a living God .

The old man and Jonelle .


  1. Jonelle says:

    Thank you ever so much, my dear.

    1. Sharone says:

      This is nice

  2. Tikia Joella says:

    Am tempted to join this August rush.🙆‍♀️ okay I am joining.

  3. Pollet Kang'oe says:

    Uuuh! August being my birth month, i’m ready to join this August rush.

  4. Samuel Casa says:

    Oh boy. This is so wow.
    The challenge starting soon

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