Africa’s Entertainment; the Ugandan edition .

If there’s one person to thank in Afrobloggers,it would be my Twitter son, Benjamin so apparently, Twitter thinks that I am the Dad and Pollet is the Mom so she’s technically my Twitter wife and who refuses such a match up,kyenayagaliza embazzi,kibuyaga asudde ( what I wished to be cut down by an axe, the wind/storm has brought down.

Twitter has a way it match makes and who am I to refuse 🤠.

Right from Day 2 of the winter challenge most of my content has been modeled towards Benjamin’s write ups and here we go. Yesterday, his write got me. This got me thinking about the aspect of entertainment which I think should be fused together with culture to make meaning. I believe that our children should grow up not desiring Spider man and Ben 10, but if we promoted/created content that is Africanised. One of the earliest memory childhood memories is watching the movie,Shaka Zulu I would sing along (not sure if I was right) Bomb Bom Bombo Bombo Bombo aiyee inkosi and my ultimate hero was Shaka Zulu. Now if I had grown up on Scooby Doo, I would gleefully sing to that and perhaps name myself Superman. Ofcourse, Later Disney took over and I started watching Lion King, it’s still my best up to today, I recall the lines, my best is when zazu was entertaining scar and singing along then ended on a note,”it’s a small world after all”. The reason I am able to recollect this is because I watched it, my early school child bag was a Ninja Turtle design. I do recall Godzilla vs king Kong. So Entertainment shaped my outlook. I wonder why our local TV stations cannot have local content/cartoons instead of the Nickelodeon shows. We ought to raise a conscious generation that loves African content. I’m mindful of aspects like sponsorship and marketing but it takes the goodwill to plan and set things up in place.

Lastly when worries and uncertainty loom,I remember, “hakuna matata” ,a philosophy of no worries.

We owe the after generation alot and let’s write on because the internet is not going to forget.


  1. Shaka Zulu embodied the image of an African hero I’m my mind as well, as a child.

  2. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    Kenya parents sued Multichoice over gay characters in Lincoln Loud, anyway we should stop demanding for a Black James Bond and create our own

    1. conniedia says:

      Yep this is the way forward… creating our own

  3. conniedia says:

    Aaah loved Shaka Zulu ….Lion King sensation can never die we need more Africanised content indeed.

    Thanks for sharing

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