WBC Biz &Tech #2Life Imitates Art; The advertising Industry

Since I centered around consumerism, let’s look at products, how do you find out about them, the answer lies in advertising. Growing up, I watched ‘Generations’a show that was set around the advertising industry and the aspirations of South Africans, heavens bless Mfundi Vundla the producer. This show premiered on SABC in1994 and ended in 2014.It revolved around two companies,Isis and New Horizons that were always pitching to impress and get big clients and finally advertise their products.

One of the reasons I stopped watching GENERATIONS is a character called Queen Moroka. Ever since I was barely able to walk, queen had been a receptionist/secretary. People had come and gone,but she was glued to the chair. The Archies,Alex, Siphiwe had all moved. Queen had been sitting on that chair since I couldnt even write my name, and then I could now write long essays, and yet still, she sat up there batting her eyelashes and picking up calls.I felt that Mfundi Vundla should edit the script. Ofcourse that is the power of creativity. It makes you part of the screenplay and you want to be part of it. Up to now, the advert has to move me before I get attracted to the product they are selling to me because I copy what the advertising Industry goes through to get to the final consumer.I have to love the advert then I can finally get the product.


  1. conniedia says:

    Oh wow I enjoyed generations too and you just reminded me of Queen. She was such a life at that desk hehe.

    Beautiful way you brought that out.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Clare says:

    When one has no aspirations! And woman could gossip…

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