WABC Day 9 Being Strong may be overrated, but alot of times,it is the only option.

Dear Gwenzi, yesterday in your write up, you said that being strong is overrated https://wp.me/p52BHC-Yx I agreed with you to the extent that we should not look at emotional outbursts as a sign of weakness. However I thought deeply about your viewpoint and I have a different one thus this letter.

A father and daughter were from a revival and the daughter drove the car,then a storm hit and she wanted to pull over but the dad told her, drive through the storm got so bad that she couldn’t see, but the dad told her, drive through and then the storm ended,dad told the daughter pull over and look behind, when she looked behind,she said,”I get it dad, you want me to thank God, but he said, look again, where are the eighteen wheelers that pulled over?, “They are still in the storm” she replied. Exactly pulling over through the storm prolongs the storm but when you keep driving through the storm, it shall soon be over.

The trick is in not comparing yourself with others. Let’s look at a lion and a whale,both are hunters, however a shark hunts from the ocean and the lion hunts from the jungle. Now it would be foolish to judge a whale for not hunting in the jungle and a lion for not hunting in the ocean.

Yes certainly we do get broken but even broken crayons paint. So for whatever you are going through, keep pushing and remember that giving up will not take the storm away but only prolong the storm. Life is what you make it, when you are faced with a battle, please fight on.Keep on keeping on.

Now a while ago, towards Easter holidays, a good friend had a great message for me, I am literally walking in fire, but what matters is how well I walk through.Now, I am not saying that I am different, sometimes I wonder how I keep on keeping on, the grace of God just sees me through. Sometimes people cry not because they are weak but because they have been strong enough for too long key word being strong.

Sometimes the storm/fire will come, what matters is how well you walk through.


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