Music is Medicine; Enya

When I am asked, whats your favorite genre of music? I usually reply (none), that when I listen to good music, I love it instantly. To me all the songs I like have a sort of history/attachment.

Listening to music helps reduce the release and production of cortisol, which is called “the stress hormone.” Less cortisol means better learning capability and memory, lower blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol, and a less likely chance of heart disease. Music is the therapeutic.

Boadicea…by Eithne Ní Bhraonáin anglicized as Enya Brennan is one of those songs, my love for this soundtrack came in the early 2000s, it was the soundtrack of Guinness World Book of Records Events and profilings at about 9pm on Prime News on WBS Television in the early 2000s ,I would slowly let the music sink in, so quiet and tender like a hum. I would never forget whatever was being profiled, I became a trivia king. Later when I listened to Admienus, After Ventus, Anarion, Book of days, Athair ar neamh, Cannibean Blue, Ebudare, Orinoco flow . I loved the Irish singer and the rest is history, she makes my playlist always. Then when Bibaawo was starting every Sunday at 7;30pm on UTV, Anywhere is by Enya would introduce the cast.Enya’s vocal range is mezzo-soprano. Her signature sound uses simple arrangements with extensive multi-tracking vocals. The mhhhm is loud and clear.


  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    I love me some Enya too 🤩

  2. Learning something new everyday – music – cortisol and better learning memory. Proves why it’s easier to remember songs I sang when I was about six but can quite remember the periodic table🤦🏿‍♀️

    1. yongyera says:

      Interest also matters

  3. Samuel Casa says:

    Music is a drug to any uncommon feeling..

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