Winter ABC Day 5: The Israel Answer; Perspective

Dear Benjamin( Twitter son)

As promised, I think it’s imperative that I reply to your write up which I admit was informative as always but left out a few issues. We have always discussed this issue from Twitter to the green app (WhatsApp). That said allow me to declare my bias you, I may come off as the devil’s advocate but since this is advocacy week, I will write on. About 54 years ago, June 5th-10th there was the six day war. Six Arab states ganged up against Israel and you know how it ended. So in your writeups, you try to portray Israel as overrated in terms of military might, I dare say that you are not alive to the facts or you are in denial. Let’s get bias out of the way.

Therefore I admit my bias for Israel today and will tell you why

In Perfect health, while at Lawschool, I participated in one of the biggest moot court competitions known as Jessup and was held in Washington DC,there were many universities and we represented Uganda. Khanani(Afrobloggers) can copy as they missed last years event due to the Chinese flu. Now as a practice, I love engagements with several young people to discuss issues like international law and Human Rights. I met both students from Israel and equally, I met some from the Arab world and I am still in touch with both of them. Infact after writing this, will share with both of them. Now I don’t take sides but for this, I am going to give a perspective

Students from Israel with the old man
Students from the Republic of Kuwait with the old man

First, you refuse to acknowledge that Hezbollah and Hamas are outlawed internationally and are Terrorist Organization. You have written wonderfully about how religion should not be fused in politics.The same Hezbollah you advocate for are the “lord’s army” so you see the irony.

It’s like saying that the LRA were sanctioned by the Holy spirit to maim,rape and kill people in Northern Uganda or that Angel Gabriel inspired Alice Lakwena to destabilize Uganda. About the occupation of Gaza strip and Palestine, you have a good point when you point out the injustices. Be as it may, there are some wrongs perhaps on the IDF side. But you see,war is war, you can’t declare war on me and I invite you for Uncle Beaton’s coffee. Israel has a duty to defend it’s citizens and the sovereignty of the Land. You may argue about excessive force but if you came to slap me, you cannot determine what I will do in self defense. There’s an incident that happened in 2014, where Israel teenagers were held hostage by Palestine Troops,

My commentary on these issues hasn’t just began

You have to know that Propaganda is always used to get the world on your side and no one beats Palestine at that. The issue is whether the Palestinians can reign on the Hamas Terrorists.I read your take on the peace talks and you were cynical about them. I must say that you had valid points save for not admitting that Hamas are terrorists. So at the end of the day, it’s how we look at the glass,I half full, you half empty. And day five is done. Today I am the devil’s advocate. Regards, Twitter Father, Mwene.


  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    Hezbollah and Hamas have military wings because of circumstances like ANC and NRM

    Israel is not a sovereign state, it’s a colonial muster, it was not there on the map.

    Gilad Shalit was an IDF member who was captured not kidnapped

    Hamas won the last Palestinian election, just like Hezbollah has the majority number of seats in the Lebanese Parliament

    Israel has officially controlled Facebook and Twitter and there was a backlash on blocking Anti-apartheid Hastings

    Israel controls the biggest media Empires and they are owned by Jews.

    Groups that are voted by people, again and again, can not be reduced to terrorist organizations.

  2. Pius says:

    I find some intriguing truth in your views about this conflict of the God chosen people.

  3. The Sparrow says:

    Me just following from the corner, Chinese flu got me laughing lol.

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