WABC 21 Creatives #4 Africa and comedy

A comedian is a creative and coming up with a script takes time but the way African leadership makes a joke everyday is amazing. There’s a clip of Cyril Ramapotha saying that the South Africans wanted new condoms because the old ones made noise. As he went on to explain the features and said that there’s no noise, an MP asked,”who cares about noise at that time?” Everybody burst out laughing.

Africa is a country. Malawi takes the nod, former President Bakili made a promise to give everyone in Malawi a pair of shoes if elected and upon election, said that the he could not find sizes for everyone.

In Uganda here, we have our dose of comedy everyday. One time a fan told Trevor Noah, ‘you have a nice ass’ he replied,’ there are two things I inherited from my grandfather, his humor and his ass, and now that I am doing comedy, I might as well give my ass,a break. During the full lockdown last year, an official on a zoom meeting call meant to say,’the onus is on you’, but said,’the anus is on you’ . Zoom meeting calls exposed the dot com error generation who didn’t mute or left their cameras on. A South sudanese was embarrassed as he went to pee with the camera on. Now these are not creatives but leaders and their actions give us a reason to laugh. Time to log out, this is my third entry for day 4. Africa is a country, you don’t have to go to the theater, the leadership will bring the drama to you.

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  1. justynlove says:

    I think drama is part of humans DNA

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