The cookbook analogy; Recovery is a process, the cookie edition

Now I used to be a foodie before life had other plans I remember I used to love my cookies right before the language got attacked and when you say,’I love cookies hell yeah’ you may get funny glances now dear reader please maintain the strict literal meaning of cookie.

Now in 2013, together with my team mates, we travelled for a mootlaw competition. Basically it’s the Mecca of moots and the subject is international law, apart from the light mischief in the DC bars with Polish students and coffeeing with the descendants of queen Sheba (itiyopians) ,it was a really good event.

Now let’s get to the cookie. We had made reservations at the Double tree by the Hilton Hotel and we checked in just in time for registration and yes we did it was actually on Easter Sunday around early April 2013, actually this March seems like this month in days now that we are in lent. But the Church recently said that we could eat meat yes I repeat meat. Friday the 19th was the day to remember St. Joseph the husband of the virgin Mary. The receptionist at the Double Tree was very good with the cookie. Yes everytime we went for a match with another University, she offered a cookie to each one of us. Her name was Alexandra a Romanian she had the widest smile and would always make you feel at home.

Now back to the cookie in a cookbook,it looks beautiful but on the next page is a page with the ingredients and process of making a cookie. One of the greatest lifelessons I have known is that nothing beautiful appears out of the blue. Everything follows a Process and I have learned to respect process as a matter of fact.

It’s from a process that peak performance is achieved. Now the only way out of a stroke is Physiotherapy and I have written it. It is painful but I had to love the pain and actually term it the Beautiful Pain so for anything you want to achieve in life, first know that there’s a process to get there


  1. It’s the “Beautiful pain” phase for me.

    Oh yeah, I am the kind that has always trusted processes

  2. Brenda Malisa says:

    This is a beautiful article Roland
    Process makes us appreciate life and all that it brings

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