The day I met her

So as a matter of principle, I find it nauseating to ask for a WhatsApp number from a lady I just met and we have kicked off a conversation. Nothing is attractive to me than a lady who reads and is into books. I’m not into slayers because there’s nothing else to talk about (pillow talk) so here’s how I met her. It was in a taxi(matatu).

There was one remaining seat in the Taxi as the conductor called for passengers, I take the seat and as a good Ugandan I said hello to my neighbour and mindedmy own business. But this wasnot an ordinary neighbour, her fragrance must have been one of those French Diors, a kindle in her hands, wavy hair and yes a beautiful face. As I tweeted away, my roving eyes(yes they are huge) are drawn to the white light on the Kindle, its a book shes reading I cant help but read Henchard and Elizabeth Jane sonewhere. I get excited, how do I begin a conversation with this person so I chip in, “Hey is that Mayor of Castorbridge you are on, my eyes couldnt help but ran around your kindle,thats where they stopped!” She waskind enough to reply, “lol surely those must be large eyes, yes Iam actually on the last chapter” “Okay thats great lemme keep my spoiler reviews to myself” I say “No you can please carry on, Iam reading it for the third time,
“I actually have the unabridged version Thomas is a great writer, if you want to know the beauty of Sorrow try his other works like ,”A pair of Blue Eyes” or ‘Under the Greenwood tree” she exclaims and replies,” wow have to get them today and would you be willing to lend me your unabridged version I like old English” she waits for your silence, “I have a healthy respect for novels so dont worry about dog ears and bookmarks”. Finally you say, “okay I will give you the book but you have to give me one in return, thats a fair deal”. The conductor rudely interrupts your conservation,”Ssebo weleza ezamwe”( you pay the fair) Statled you dont blame the conductor for thinking the two of you are coming from the same place. You have reached the stage, time to alight, “shall we just bump into each other again she asks” I reply oh sure, maybe we can exchange emails. You share each others email and alight as each takes a different path.

That’s how I meet friends, one has to be a reader or a writer, I am drawn to brilliance and have no apologies for the positive discrimination. Like Hakeem (Coming to America) I like those who tickle my brain and not the loins.


  1. Nakibuuka Noor Musisi says:

    The thoughts when I saw the title😅😅.
    Such a great piece.

  2. Drawn to brilliance, nice read. I’m here wondering whether the WhatsApp number eventually came through 😄😄

  3. Amanda Twebaze-Nutritionist says:

    Hahahaha, it had to be a book before love or attraction for the old man of the clan.. Captivating piece ssebo

  4. Elise says:

    Whoosh! Who knows what the next meeting could bring?! I hope you bump into each other soon enough! Lovely piece!

    1. yongyera says:

      Why don’t I bump into my blogging other half (runs away)

  5. vhusky27 says:


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