Love in pain

To describe my illness as pain would be an understatement,if I were in perfect health, I would have completed my masters, perhaps writing a PhD. So when the stroke came in November 2016, I was in self denial well knowing that the acceptance letter was on the way

So that is how things were to me, I thought that atmost, the stroke would take two years and I would be in perfect health again but stroke is not an illness that will just go, recovery is slow and continues throughout life.

Acceptance upon acknowledgement that the stroke wasn’t about to away,I now looked to recovery, now in such a state of desperation and anxiety, what carried me was love from friends, that is empathy, friends actually fundraised for my rehabilitation bills and continue standing with me in the journey with stroke. Now you know when life throws lemons at you, you don’t sit down and cry, rather you make fine lemonade and that is what I am doing. I said to myself, the masters may be gone but you have to live on and dare to live. One of the greatest lifelessons I have learned is that love in pain lifts us. Now as for friends identifying with me in the pain and frustration has perhaps made me a stronger person than I was in perfect health.


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