What we need is a mea culpa and not reconciliation

Mea culpa is a Latin term used in the catholic faith to affirm guilt, locally the faithful was say,”gunsinze gunsingidde dala” .

Monsignor Kasibante while at state house made the request for reconciliation and allowing Robert Kyagulanyi to be free and for the military to end the siege at his residence. The president in response said that they were preaching to the converted and gave a list of former leaders’ relatives who are working in his government. To the president that is reconciliation, but perhaps let us ask, reconciliation over what? Reconciliation can only be effective where all groups are equal and have agreed to a mediator.You can’t call someone who slept in a vehicle during campaigns and expect them to come to state house for photo opportunities and you call that reconciliation. What is true is that people are not comfortable with rituals called elections and legitimatization of the commander in (t)chief.

This country has taught me that everyone for himself and satan for us all there is alot that is going on. The president by reconciliation means surrender and one has to either be cash strapped for the so called reconciliation to happen and the media is invited to take pictures. If Kyagulanyi were to meet the president,it would be under surrender and he would be asked for the bribe price and we would go back to the old depressing Uganda. That is Ugandas politics, if figures are to go by, the current president is not going anywhere. Ugandans in the 70s thought that perhaps God was asleep because of the bad leaders at the time.

Robert Kyagulanyi perhaps got all the votes he did because people were tired of the aging leader and in a young candidate they saw a flare of hope.

So we all need to come to a meeting point where we acknowledge our political sins and agree to move on but we surely can’t have reconciliation. Ours was once a country

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