Recovery is a marathon and not a sprint

Dear Elizabeth,

In our conversation yesterday you asked me how I were and I replied that I am okay well call it cramming the language, you will spank a child and later ask them, how are you, and they reply, fine.Guess you wanted a detailed answer and its natural that you asked. Chris ( your cousin) has been a brother and empathetic one at that, there are many lifelessons I am going to write that I have picked from him for some reason I remember Brian not Chris from the Mbuya days.

This is Chris, Liz’s cousin

1. Everyday is a day for Thanksgiving

Now in this journey,we have to be thankful for each milestone and I am doing that.Things like moving a joint and flexing a muscle might look simple but not to a stroke survivor, I got a chart for easy pronouncing of words and it is hanged on the wall and I practice saying the words so as to train the brain to get to speaking again infact whenever Chris comes around,we avoid the phones to communicate. This is aimed at making the brain learn to send signals to speak rather than getting comfortable with the phone, and I usually call him on weekends when he is the old Uganda and speech is getting better, I also do send voicenotes to friends as well.

2. Sometimes all it takes is personal effort

A farmer tried to help the butterfly at nymph stage by opening the cocoon, as soon it came out it fell and was lifeless, you see it has soft wings and they are supposed to harden as it breaks out. Sometimes we have to struggle without help in order to be perfect. This story was told to me by Chris now physiotherapy is five hours a day which means I am left with nineteen, you can say that nine hours are for sleep. What do you do in the ten extra hours? The physiotherapist may do his job but personal effort is required. There is a term okwebereramu literally that you have to put in the effort. Afande Enanga is about to ban the use of that word reasoning that it was in the anthem of Alice Lakwena and her movement. So you got push to aim at an objective. Now about physiotherapy, our long term objective is to walk and talk. I think the song talk and walk by the goodlife should be my inspiration.

Right now I am using a walker to practice walking, there are a few body imperfections and we will be good to go

For some reason I don’t have a photo with you and Trudy, guess when you came around in 2018 I was super excited to see you. Greetings to all and did you know that our people say, cheecargo instead of shecargo

The old man Roland.


  1. justynlove says:

    I also do send voicenotes to friends as well.

    This is progress… We thank God

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