The regression and downs

Now the stroke came in mid November 2016 it was election time in the United States and the Readhead won(I have never deciphered how democracy places such characters in our hands but well he was announced. The greatest dog that I know of is karma it must be a lovely maltese. Today as I write this, the Redhead believes he was rigged. Away from the politics, we travelled to Kampala and I suffered motion sickness to an extent of feeding with a tube. I used to feed mostly on yoghurt and you know a syringe is used (without the needle to push the liquid down. I would feel the soft liquid in the upper part of the chest as it made its way down to the stomach.That was the first setback but we pushed on.

I came to the rehabilitation center around February 2017 and I responded well to physiotherapy

Now Facebook is like a journal entry, I do sort of microblogg and ooh I am wordy

So with those strides there was consesus that I perhaps move from the center as long as I continued getting physiotherapy and I was good to go,we went to Aunt Vicky’s at Naguru from where I would be taken for physiotherapy at mulago, at the time I could hold a walker and walk unaided but under supervision, the caretaker whom I had while walking with me for some reason didn’t watch me and next I knew, I was on the ground.I must have fallen on the left leg because the physiotherapist working on me suggested that I do a pelvic x-ray because of the way I was walking.That was the second setback. This erased all the efforts and gains I had made to perhaps square zero. The principal physiotherapist came to assess me and the pain was too much as the stretching of the muscles was too much for me.But I held on to one day at a time and now the stretching is not no longer painful.

It was a Monday 18th November,2019 the previous day Ndugu Chairman had come to see me.As I was taking breakfast to get to the rehabilitation center the convulsions began(I have no account on what happened as I had slipped into unconscious state infact an ambulance had to be called and I woke up on Wednesday and had been unconscious for three days. That was the third setback . Stroke related convulsions happen due to the scarring of the brain and this causes the electrical activity in the brain to get affected. Those who saw me knew that I was not going to make it but it’s tweny tweny one and here we are.

Now I have literally seen days but the one above is sustaining me there’s a reason I am moving on despite the setbacks the Lord has a plan for me and yes the good maltese is back as the Redhead is leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,we thank God


  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Gosh! The number of times I jumped before reminding myself of the year those incidents happened.

    And oh, bye Redhead!

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