Perfect Imperfection… continued

Sometimes we are created by being destroyed, now about four years ago, I was destroyed by a severe stroke that took away the speech and movement, the first months I was in self denial because I couldn’t believe it, I literally saw all my dreams being shattered. At the time I had been waiting for an acceptable for a masters from the University of Pretoria and indeed it came fully sponsored as had been assured so I was literally walking on a boulevard of broken dreams

The stroke affected the left side which also controls speech so even as you read this, I type with the right hand as the left hand is paralyzed and weak

But upon acceptance, I learnt that the only way out of this was physiotherapy and so far so good. Most readers applaud my strength but I guess we have to dare to live and forget about the past and we can brave on . Now recovery is slow but sure. One thing that has stood out are the friends who have walked with me in this journey and that gets me thinking, I must have done the right thing to deserve such love and indeed love lifts us up at our lowest and it continues to lift me, messages by friends of encouragement and support always push me to keep braving on

This was written by a young friend of mine because the mum is a great friend, she wrote,Dear Mwene, I think coming to visit you has made you happy.I also hope you learn how to talk and get better

To tell you the truth, the writing made me sob a little and I decided to frame it. Such love can’t fail to lift one up.

So yes being strong and braving on is the only option I have and Iam not about to let you down
Today morning, I called Gelax like I do to most of my friends and she said she heard me clearly. Happy Sunday y’all and by God’s grace, this year shall end and we will manage 2021


  1. Bolaji Gelax says:

    Oh Mwene, you’re going to make me cry again 🥺.

    That note is so sweet! I read it over and again.

    You’re doing well, my friend. ♥️✨

    1. yongyera says:

      Please don’t make me write pidgin I de go

      1. Bolaji Gelax says:

        Eeeehn… Mad oooh! 😂

  2. Clare says:

    At one time…we will see the imperfect when it’s made perfect! In His own time🤗

  3. linzmati says:

    When we have the right support system we can overcome whatever challenges we are going through. I am happy the road to recovery is going on well. Happy holidays

    1. yongyera says:

      Couldn’t say it better

  4. Brenda Malisa says:

    Taking one day at a time filled with love from family and friends is a building block to recovery.
    I can’t stop reading that framed note.
    It’s so sweet

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