Prisoner of Hope

Its only in darkness that we see light, sometimes all it takes is being a prisoner of Hope.Hope is a good thing, perhaps the best of things and no good thing dies,it is hope that has preserved me.

In late 2016 when I suffered a was devastating. I had been looking forward to a confirmation of acceptance of my LLM and to continue with normal life the first weeks and I was in self denial,my dreams were shattered and I was literally walking on a boulevard of broken dreams and anxiety set in,I won’t lie to the reader, depression set in and there was nothing to live for but friends encouraged me to fight.Idecided to forget about the past and dare to live.Now Charles Darwin says that it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent species that survive but those that adapt to change.It was hard adapting to the new situation but it has finally paid off.

The stroke rehabilitation center has tremendously done a great job in empowering us and rebuilding lives. TheprincipalPysiotherapist,Dr Bukenya, always reminds us that we are survivors and should make an effort to get better.In this he means having a positive mindset towards the exercises because it is the only way out of a stroke attack and so far so good. We are not yet there but we are shall definitely get there.To borrow from people power,”olutalo nga luwedde, tuliyambala engule” we can definitely shall wear the crown.We shall keep the hope alive.


  1. Margaret K. T says:

    And yet, we can never truly be prisoners, if we have hope.

    1. yongyera says:

      Interesting perspective

  2. Amanda Twebaze-Nutritionist says:

    So far, so awesome, old man of the clan. Your life in itself is hope to the other otherwise hopeless. Thank you for pressing on, not just for yourself but for others that are burdened. Your purpose is surely great.

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