Social distance is a luxury we can’t afford.

We are now in the new normal ever since the covid19 spread out, we are trying to adapt to the WHO guidelines and its not easy, for example wearing the face mask is hard as we suffocate and struggle to breathe but we are avoiding the okwetsyamura so there is no option, the face mask is tricky for us individuals with gifted noses as we literally can’t breathe but what to do. So media has been awash with images of the Honorable Dr Jane Ruth Acieng in a crowd without social distance or wearing a face mask. Thence I ask, can we fully observe the social distance guidelines mindful of the society we live in, the truth is that we are not ready for the new normal, social distance is a luxury we are yet to afford. One of the aspects our parliament hasn’t considered is that scientific elections contravene the supreme law of the land most importantly the people participation.

The scientists who advise the president should be able to tell us how Malawi, Burundi held elections and whether there was a spike in the community infections, furthermore in the United States. There have been demonstrations against police Brutality and there was no social distance. Perhaps we need behavioral psychologists to explain why people wouldn’t observe social distance in a country where hundreds of thousands have died. The simple explanation is that humans cannot adopt by the new normal. One other emerging issue will be the electronic bribery through mobile money ,bank transfers and so forth. So this was an indication of how scientific elections will fail.

I think rather than crucify the minister we should be aware that when Hon.Kuteesa was endorsing the daughter in Mawogola there was no complaint as to the social distance. But trust the online epidemiologists to crucify the good Honorable, we are amazing as a country.

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