The Power of Stories and the dread head

Stories are the palm oil with which wisdom is swallowed. Now this may be subjective depending on how we portray the characters. The first time I watched the movie ,”Sarafina” , a musical depicting Students involved in Soweto Riots. At that young age, I would hum along the revolutionary songs, I despised a character named, “Sabena” this was the cab driver who was a collaborator of the white oppressive regime. Its no wonder that when his life was ended, I was the happiest soul. Years later I found out that the character was Mbongeni Ngema a writer, composer and lyricist. And I was equally amazed on learning that he was one of the vocal arrangers for the ,”Lion King” one of my best thins to come out of Disney Land. The thing about me and movies is that once I watch a movie and like it, I get the details. That is the power of writing.

Now our main character is a dread head, she recently started this journey into dreadlocks and I was so impressed. There is something attractive about a dread head which is brilliant. Back then I used to bake and so I love my pastries right. She is a Foodie if I may say, she likes watching Food Channel in her free time. She makes fine meat balls, with such finesse that she makes you think that she is a chef. Lately she’s figured me out in the art of conversation that she knows my next expression in our conversations. She is one you can have a beautiful conversation with. She equally has a sense of literal humor. I tell her that she is from a strong bloodline so she can enlighten me. And she is doing just that.


  1. kam says:

    Cool piece
    Attach a her photo hahaha

  2. Cl says:

    I too wanna see the dreadlock thing🙆🏻‍♀️

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