Strange Encounters Of The Green City In The Sun: Humour And Honour Among The Corrupt

You got gnaw on these irrelevant takes by Obbo


I GOT a call from one of my favourite cabbies in Nairobi a short while ago, wondering why I had’t given him business for some weeks.

Nairobi City CentreNairobi City centre: If the streets could talk! (Photo/Ninara/Flickr).

He is the ultimate chronicler of urban life, a man with a remarkable mind for the juicy tales of the city, and I chuckled when I remembered the recent ones he regaled me with.

The funniest were both about corrupt cops.

He told me that not too long ago, a police officer flagged him down for a debatable traffic infraction. At the time he had two “mzungu” (that’s East African for white folks) passengers in the back.

The cop asked him for Kenya Shillings 500 (just under $5) to let him go. As he haggled, in the back his passengers were fretting about “these African ways”.

He decided to pay the bribe and end the fracas…

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