Bernard Sabiti’s Take-down attacks the person rather than Andrew Mwenda’s Argument

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Friday's Thoughts

By James Ephraim Mundekyere 


So Andrew Mwenda is a pseudo-intellectual, an intellectual fraudster, imperialist agent and hypocritical! WHY? Because he, in his recent rebuttal published by Aljazeera, advised President Obama to mind his own business and to stop lecturing African presidents on matters of Human Rights and Good Governance.

Whereas initially, I for one, would have gathered no interest whatsoever in responding or commenting on social media in the manner that I have, Bernard Sabiti’s reaction to Mwenda’s rebuttal provided a somewhat different dimension from all the other comments on the same, and the mood and attitude with which it was presented, inspired or rather prompted me to say something regarding his own line of argument. Admittedly, it is typical for social media users to express their opinions in diverse ways and many times out of context. But that should be expected because by its very nature, on social media,

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