Winter ABC Day 7 Why I am a believer

“Supposing there was no intelligence behind the universe, no creative mind, in that case,nobody designed my brain for the purpose of thinking..if so how can i form my own thinking to be true? if so, then i cant trust my own thinking and arguments leading to atheism, therefore i have no reason to be an atheist. Unless i believe in God, I cannot believe in thought; so i can never use my thought to disbelieve in the existence of God. ” C S Lewis

“The Hebrew language is widely accepted as the world’s oldest language. Supposedly the language spoken by Angles and men in ancient times gone by. The language that God used to speak creation into existence. The known languages today can trace their origin from the Hebrew language.

The fascinating thing about the 22 letters of the Hebrew language is that, like Greek, it is alphanumeric. Every letter represents a specific number as well as an intrinsic specific meaning.

Therefore and for instance, the English Bible’s first three words “In the Beginning” are represented by one word in Hebrew,… “Bereishit”.

But here’s the interesting part: That one word in Hebrew, when stood up as against each letter’s numeric reflection and intrinsic meaning makes for the following reading:

“This is the Home,of the Headman,the God-Man, who is God, the Number One, who is in 3 parts, wearing the Crown of 3 parts, who is the strong Right arm of the Father, the Creator Himself, who will go to the cross. “

And all that is just from the first three words of the Bible, which are in fact one word. The entire sentence makes for even more fascinating reading..”- Mutabuuza Chrispus( Facebook post)

I like using my life as an example, for the last four years, I could be what you call hopeless, dejected or with nothing to live for, but I live one day at a time because the joy of the lord is my strength. Sometimes I also wonder where the strength to live on comes from but the good book tells us that sometimes things won’t be easy but he will carry us through. Sometimes the Titanic of life is hit by an iceberg and waves hit you hard but you gotta swim through . Now the word of the lord guides me through scripture, Phillipians 4:19 comes to my mind,in December 2019, a good friend, Nicholas came with the wife (Owemamba) and she shared the verse and we prayed. Now reflecting upon it, it has been the Lord who enables those that have stood with me financially. I like saying that the Lord blessed me with friends who have become brothers and sisters in my life and I don’t it for granted. Long term rehabilitation is not cheap, infact most inpatients are self discharged when the funds run out so the Lord has been with me and hasn’t forsaken me. In November 2019, I suffered stroke related seizures and was unconscious for three days but I made it and I am still here. The good book says that he alone knows the plans he has for us and plans not to harm us. So in essence I am stating/ advocating that I believe in Christ who lived and continues to live. It is not a belief system that I have or blind faith because that is not our calling. The reason why I say that is because I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life. Now there is a senior Physician that I see,he has a PhD on top of being a medical doctor. Now on one of our visits for a review,he was explaining the brain and how it is wired and he said,”when God created us”. Now you would expect such an empiricist to have doubts in God.

Faith and Science
Alot of folks believe that the two are incompatible, but on a closer look at history,we find great scientists like Faraday and Isaac Newton having been devout Christians, so it’s possible to be an empiricist and believer. I’m a believer. Now I am not forcing you to believe, you actually have a choice but make the right choice.

The Lord has continued to be faithful.


  1. conniedia says:

    This is so articulate and indeed there comes a time when you must believe but who will you believe.

    Thanks for sharing…
    And God will carry you through indeed.

    See how you keep us on our toes already.
    You are Greatness being unleashed.

  2. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    In his Journal Isaac Newton said “This is the Home, of the Headman, the God-Man, who is God, the Number One, who is in 3 parts, wearing the Crown of 3 parts, who is the strong Right arm of the Father, the Creator Himself, who will go to the cross.”…..doesn’t make sense, of course, it not in the Bible…its a thought I share with him

  3. Tikia Joella says:

    I believe because am absolutely nothing without God. If I start my reason it will be a whole blogs post could actually make a book.. Great read. The God life is the good life. You are a gift to this realm. Thank you for sharing.

    1. yongyera says:

      You are welcome Tikia

      1. Onyinye Udeh says:

        I am a full time unrepentant believer!

      2. justynlove says:

        Full Time believer, yes i am

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