WBC Culture and Fashion #1 The Kaunda suit; Leaders and apparels

Right now we the Pan Africanists are mourning the death of Mzee KK who slept last week at the age of 97. KK was a man of all seasons, guitarist, leader but most importantly, his sense of fashion. There was a suit named after him because he popularized it

The suit is designed in woollen material and the pants do not have pleats to suit the modern hip look. The beauty of the Kaunda suit is that the jacket is short-sleeved and designed to be worn without a tie, making it cool and comfortable. KK once gave an interview that while in Mbeya, Mwalimu Nyerere told him,”the Tanzanians wanted to make money but feared being sued, so they named it Kaunda suit”. While celebrating his 88th birthday,KK launched a type of suit with the label of Kenneth Kaunda. So in otherwards this was formalizing the existing fashion with the name.

It is possible to crystalize a clothing and it is named after a person for example the Arabian Shemagh is locally called the Arafat scarf because Yasser Arafat popularized it.

If you randomly asked aperson what this is, ‘Arafat scarf’ would be the reply.

Some fashion experts say it is the safari suit and it predates to the colonial times. What I love about the Kaunda suit is that it defies the tradition of neck ties. As a lawyer,it was fashionable to wear ties and this is like a rope in the neck. Let us emancipate ourselves from mental Slavery and wear Kaunda suits. And these suits are unisex. There have been many modifications to the original one, people may argue that it’s a pure African attire but we can’t fail to notice the Kaunda suit influence.I wrote fashion because it was timely to honor KK,may be rest with the gods.

Image source:pitinterest.com This is a modified Kaunda suit due to the long sleeves.


  1. musanjufu benjamin kavubu says:

    This is a bang

  2. linzmati says:

    Let us emancipate ourselves from mental Slavery and wear Kaunda suits. Lol the modern Kaunda suits are nice considering that they are unisex and can be worn on different occasions be it formal or wedding. Thank you for honouring one of the African Giants.

    1. yongyera says:

      You are welcome my dear

  3. He surely was a great man.

  4. The Sparrow says:

    I didn’t know that was Arafat, the scarf nor that Kaunda was a person! Well done OB

  5. Wonani says:

    Whew! What a man.

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